About my art

Children grow up, and little creatures

in their daydreams suddenly turn invisible.

They are to be replaced with legitimate adult life.

And here I am, a painter who still happens to

encounter little creatures in her daydream.

My paintings symbolize something precious

children possess but probably lose

as they grow up, like books and toys.

Now that I am an artist,

those things mean more than just children’s stuff.

I believe that all the bright colors and cheerful gestures

of children’s things are the veil

hiding some precious meanings behind them.

They may have the illusion of cheerfulness and simplicity,

but if you take a closer look, you will realize that

there is something deeper going on.

I wish my paintings to function

as those children’s books and toys.

Every single one of my works captures

an alternate scene happening in my world.

Everything has some story behind it.

Nothing is just cute and beautiful.

Some are ugly and even unexplainable.

There is nothing that fascinates me

more than the chaos of the world.

What I have always been trying to do is

to capture as many as possible.

Every time you see my painting,

there is going to be something new to discover.

Sometimes things in my mind are

too chaotic and beyond description.

That is about the time when I pick up my pen

and start to build up a world on a sheet of paper.

Those creatures in my work might appear

to be ugly and frightening,

but don’t be afraid to touch and feel them.

They are what you once loved

and probably still do.